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The GradPost is the primary source for news, funding, professional development, advice, events, and more related to graduate student life at UC Santa Barbara. It also serves as the digital outpost of the Graduate Student Resource Center, where ​grad students can find in-person ​services and ​support to help successfully navigate the graduate experience at UCSB.

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10 steps to PhD failure

Kevin Haggerty and Aaron Doyle offer tips on making postgraduate study even tougher (which students could also use to avoid pitfalls if they prefer)

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Piled Higher and Deeper Comic

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Seed Magazine (broken)

Science is Culture

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Isla Vista Arts

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Exam Tips

Preliminary Exam Tips

As of 2021, BMSE and MCDB have different preliminary exam formats. BMSE prelim is on-topic while MCDB prelim is off-topic.

BMSE Prelim

MCDB Prelim

MCDB Prelim consists of writing a grant proposal on a topic that is unrelated to the topic of your dissertation. After you have written the proposal, you then have to defend the proposal, any and all aspects of it, before 4 faculty members. This the the final and largest hurdle you have to pass before you are fully accepted as a graduate student here at UCSB, so here are some tips.

Advancement Exam Tips

Also see this google doc from 2015 with compiled advice from both grad students and faculty

On Selecting a Topic

  1. When searching for a topic, look for current reviews in top journals.
  2. If you think the topic is too close to your dissertation is.
  3. Pick a topic that excites you, it's a long process so try and enjoy it!

On Research and Writing

  1. Talk to anyone you like about your topic or a technique(i.e. other graduate students, postdocs, professors in that field).
  2. Most students take about a solid month to write (minimal or no bench time), so plan accordingly.

After Submission of the Proposal

  1. Anyone can read your proposal at this time, so get feedback from many people.
  2. Organize a mock committee. Usually a mock consists of graduate students from labs of your committee members. Keep in mind that all grad students are busy, so be accomodating and curtious, they are doing you a huge favor!

The Oral Exam

  1. Take the advice your mock committee give you seriously.
  2. Be able to draw all your data and controls from memory, you can only bring a copy of your proposal into the room.
  3. Relax, you know this topic better then anyone else in the room!